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True Lease Purchase Article

Need help with your Houston lease purchase? Before we can discuss a true lease purchase, it is important you undertsand what this term means. By definition, a true lease purchase is a lease combined with a purchase agreement that obligates the lessee (tenant) to purchase the property under specified conditions.

Lease Purchase - A Superior Way to Invest in Real Estate

A lease to purchase contract is considered the best type of real estate investing. This type of contract basically allows you the tenant to lease a particular property for a period of time, and at the end of the period allows you the option of purchasing the property at an amount decided at the signing of the contract. As the tenant, you would pay an initial non-refundable deposit. Should the value of the property go up at the end of the leasing period, you may want to buy the property at its original value. If the value has not increased you can opt not to buy the property. During this period you can also rent the property to someone else. By this method, the investor takes a lot of the risk off himself as he does not have to commit a large sum of investment capital, nor does he need to apply for a big loan.

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