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Easing a Child's Worries About Moving

Helping Your Children Cope With a Move

Helping families with their real estate needs is a major facet of our business. Your Houston realtors, The Zoller Group, are always seeking ways to ensure all members of the family are cared for emotionally when it comes to buying and selling Houston real estate. We realize any move, be it a long distance move across multiple state lines or across town, will create a unique set of emotions from your child. Depending on the temperament of your child, some cope with a move with little impact while others may experience feelings of sadness.

Below you will find a few recommendations to ensure your children experience the best possible transition to their new home.

  • Ensure your children are involved and take an active role in your search for your families new home.
  • Include your children, if possible, when you tour prospective homes.
  • If your kids are not involved in the home search, be sure to show the children pictures and/or videos of prospective homes
  • Photos or videos will help your children "connect" to a new home.
  • Schedule an opportunity to allow your children to be with their friends for a going away social, this way you can assure them their friends will not be forgotten. Have their friends sign a tee shirt for each attendee. Take lots of pictures for a scrapbook!
  • Allow your children to construct a scrapbook of their old home, friends and neighborhood as a keepsake.
  • Suggest your children write good-bye letters and enclose their new address. Parents, you may wish to call the other children's parents to encourage return letters.
  • Prior to moving day, allow your children to pack their own toys and belongings.
  • Provide them their own box and allow your kids to decorate it for easier identification when you arrive at your new home.
  • Purchase postcards along the way to make their trip more positive and memorable.
  • When unpacking, allow them to unpack their own treasures then, have them play with the boxes while you unpack.
  • Create a scrapbook for their new home. Call it a “My Book of Firsts”. My first walk around my new neighborhood, my first visit to a new mall…..
  • Schedule a visit to their new school and bring along a camera.
  • Invite neighborhood children over to your house.
  • Allow your child to select a new favorite restaurant. This will help feel empowered and in control of their new world.
  • Encourage them to correspond with old friends. Send letters and photos about their new home, their new school to their friends.
  • Help you children get involved in groups, sports, and activities similar to the ones they used to participate in.

By engaging your children in the total experience of moving, you give your them the opportunity to create new, exciting memories and allow them the best chance for a smoother transition. Remember, it's possible you may have only lived in a home a few years; however, to a young child it is nearly their entire lifetime! Are you ready to search the Houston MLS to view homes for sale together with your children? Need school information?

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