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Existing Houston Homes Competing with New Construction

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As a Houston homeowner of an existing Houston home, competing with new Houston homes for sale in your local market can be a challenging position. Before you place your home on the market it’s best to become familiar with the current Houston real estate market condition and your competition. Once you understand the pricing of your home, you will need to determine if new home construction will be competing for the same pool of buyers. The Zoller Group, your Houston Realtors, will provide exclusive information on your home’s value along with information on new home construction and existing homes for sale that you may be competing with in your market.

How Do You Overcome “The Houston New Home Factor”

While admittedly, new Houston homes have their appeal, not everyone is seeking to purchase new home construction. Like any Houston home purchase, the same factors for determining value are used, whether a buyer is considering to purchase an existing home or a new home. Those factors include:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Schools
  • Features of the home
  • Convenience to lifestyle amenities, and availability
  • Lot size
  • Quality of construction

The Houston New Home Premium

One can typically expect to pay a “new home premium” of around 10%-15% more for a new Houston home. This fact alone could potentially allow your Houston home to be viewed as a more affordable alternative to new home construction. When you add in the hassle-factor of time involved with building a new home from the ground up, one can quickly understand the attractiveness of buying an existing Houston area home.

Your Houston Realtors, Your Home Selling Experts

As Houston real estate experts, Meg and Jim Zoller along with The Zoller Group staff know how to use the Houston MLS to market your home against any competition, be it new home construction or an existing home down the street. Pick up the phone now and contact us at (713) 980-5210, to schedule your initial home selling consultation to determine the value of your Houston area home.

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